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Top 10 Best Nursing Stools (2020)

If you are a mom, I believe that you will agree with me that most of the time is spent feeding your little one. What this means is that you probably spend most of the time seated, whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your young one. However, most moms are not aware that sitting in the wrong position for hours can result in poor blood circulation, the reason most moms complain about swollen feet. Nevertheless, thanks to nursing stools that help you elevate the feet and improve your blood circulation to curb the problem. That said, allow me to introduce you to the 10 best nursing stools available for you today.

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My Brest Friend Nursing Stool


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My Brest Friend Nursing Stool takes the first position in this review. It serves as a combination of a durable and safe-to-use nursing stool. Ideally, the stool is made using sustainable rubberwood that is both durable and safe use. It features a non-slip surface to maintain your feet firmly plated without risk of slippage. The nursing stool includes knobs that allow you to adjust the tilt to achieve comfortable positions. Using it, you can alleviate back strain, thanks to its ability to help you improve the posture and reduce the stress on the neck and shoulders. And after nursing, the stool can act as a perfect footstool for a toddler.

2. CozyDoc Ergonomic Foot Rest

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This is an ergonomic footrest designed for use while nursing, gaming, working, traveling, or working in an office. It features an asymmetrically curved footrest cushion. The cushion places the legs and feet in the most ergonomic positions to help you assume the right sitting position. You can get the footrest when looking for the best nursing stool that delivers doctor-designed comfort, thanks to the therapy-grade cushion. In fact, the cushion features high-resilience foam that is neither too soft nor too firm for a soothing effect. The bottom features an anti-slip design for safety. Plus, a built-in carry handle makes the stool easy to carry. The removable cover is another addition for easy cleaning.

3. ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest

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The best choice for a versatile nursing stool is ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest. It is suitable for use by people of different heights. The reason is the adjustable height that moves from 3.9″ to 5.9″. Better, the footrest doubles as a rocker. The reason is the ability to flip it over and use it to keep your feet moving to improve your circulation. You can use the footrest anywhere, thanks to the portable design. Besides, it features a foam construction. This design offers a plushy surface to enhance comfort after hours of use. The footrest is available in premium velvet or breathable mesh to let you pick one that matches your desires.

4. KR Ideas Padded Foot Stool

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An excellent choice for a nursing stool that blends comfort and luxury is the KR Ideas Padded Foot Stool. It measures 15’’ long X 10’’ wide X 9’’ tall. The footstool features a frame that is made out of a hardwood. Because of this, it acts as an excellent option for a durable nursing stool. What’s more, each stool is individually hand-sanded, sealed, and stained. As such, you can acquire it when looking for a long-lasting footstool. The seat integrates a quality soft fabric to enhance comfort. It comes in a variety of fabrics and finishes for you to pick one that compliments your living space.

5. Scriptract 6″ Small Footstool

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The Scriptract is a 6″ Small Footstool. It features a quality solid wood construction to guarantee strength. Additionally, the stool features four, 3.5″-wide legs that support a weight up to 330pounds while ensuring stability. The footstool doubles as a seat, and footrest, thanks to the versatile design. It features a superior thick 28D sponge that guarantees user comfort after hours of use. The anti-slip design is another design that protects floors from scratches while preventing it from sliding. Also, the footstool includes a waterproof PU leather cover for easy to cleaning. The stool’s bottom consists of a zipper pocket that holds small items such as car keys or small toys.

6. Prime Products 32-0401 Foot Valet

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Next, we have the Prime Products 32-0401 Foot Valet. If you are looking for a durable nursing stool, this is one of the best choices. It features sturdy wood construction that is not only durable but also stylish. The stool has a large foot area suitable for placing a set of feet comfortably. The base incorporates four non-slip feet and a broad design to enhance stability. Besides using the foot valet to place the feet, you can use it like a stool that provides a comfortable sitting surface while working in tight areas.

7. StrongTek Nursing Stool

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A perfect way to reduce foot fatigue and improve your focus lies in using StrongTek Nursing Stool. It is an ergonomic stool that alleviates your legs, feet, and knees to help you improve the circulation. The stool is crafted with heavy-duty Lauan hardwood. Because of this, it can deliver long-lasting strength for reliable durability. Additionally, it features a slip-resistant top textured surface. The surface helps you to maintain the control of the feet while protecting you from slipping. The bottom of the stool includes anti-slip rubber grip bottoms to safeguard it from rolling and sliding. Because of the ergonomic design, the footrest is wide and well-balanced and capable of supporting a 350lbs weight.

8. Comfecto Dr. Foot Rest Wood Ergonomic Wood Foot Stool

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Whether you are looking for the best nursing stool to prevent lower back pain, promote blood circulation, or relieve tendon pain, you can be sure to have settled for the right product after picking Comfecto Dr. Foot Rest. It is made using natural pine wood. The wood is sturdy and safe, with a maximum weight capacity of up to 264.5lbs. Besides, the footrest is designed to a certain degree, enabling the feet to rest naturally for healthy blood circulation. The footstool features a broad base for stability. Its top surface is slip-resistant for user safety.

9. KidKraft Nursing Stool

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Are you looking for a perfect baby shower gift for a mom who purportedly has everything? If so, I would recommend the KidKraft Nursing Stool. It is a durable nursing stool made using solid wood. The wood surface features a lead-free and non-toxic finish for safety and durability. You can expect the nursing stool to maintain the user in a comfortable and safe position, thanks to the anti-slip pads on the base. Besides, the nursing stool can adjust to three positions. Because of this, the nursing mom can always find a posture that will maintain her in a comfortable position.

10. Leachco Rock N Soft Cushioned Nursing Stool

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Concluding our review is Leachco Rock N Soft Cushioned Nursing Stool. If you suffer from cold feet, you might want to get this nursing stool. It incorporates faux fleece-lined “feet keepers.” You can sink your feet into the keepers and maintain warm feet during cold winter nights. What’s more, the keepers maintain your feet in a snug position to reduce calf muscle strain while rocking. The nursing stool integrates a removable and washable cover for easy maintenance. It is lightweight for convenient transportation. Besides that, it is very sturdy and therefore, an ideal choice for a durable nursing stool.


The best nursing stools can help you stay comfortable while breastfeeding and help you alleviate back pain. These stools elevate your feet to reduce the pressure on the ankles. As a result, you can be sure to combat foot swelling, a problem that is popular with most nursing mothers.