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Top 10 Best Changing Pad Covers in 2020

Diaper changing is hectic and sometimes even messy. That is why you need pad covers to ensure that when you are changing diapers pee or poop will not be staining the changing pad. It is also important in ensuring that the child is comfortable when being changed because many changing pads feel cold on the child’s back.

If you buy a good changing pad cover, you will be able to easily change the heavy load diaper of your child when the time comes. Check out below our review of the top 10 best changing pad covers.

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Top 10 Best Changing Pad Covers in 2020

Ziggy Baby Changing Pad

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When buying a changing pad, you should go for one that is soft and warm to the baby. Ziggy has ensured that with their very soft and fashionable changing pad that will ensure the next time you change the diaper or nappy, it will not be messy for you and the baby. It is made of 100% cotton material and both ideal for girls and boys.

  • Soft and cuddly
  • Made of 100% high quality jersey cotton

Brolex Jersey Knit Pad

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This is a set of pad cover which comes in two color options pink and white. It comes in two covers for every pack you buy hence you will not worry when the main one gets dirt on it. You can conveniently use it when you are out of the house. It has been designed to fit most of the standard changing tables. It is stain-resistant and made baby-friendly polyester material.

  • Stain resistant topper can be cleaned
  • Machine washable

Summer Infant Pad Cover

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Every parent wants to have an appealing and fashionable nursery for their babies. This pink changing pad will offer just that. It has been designed with material that ensures that the baby will remain warm when changing them. You can even change the baby when they are sleeping. The material of the cover is machine washable and also stain resistant. It also comes in other color combinations white, blue, etc.

  • 100% polyester cover is stain resistant and colorfast for longer use
  • Elastic bottom keeps cover on the padfits most standard sized changing pads
  • Available in blue, white, pink, ecru and chocolate
  • Ultra plush covers are so soft to the touch

Burt Bee Changing Pad

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This is one of the most unique changing pads we have. It is an organic one. So that it is very safe for the baby. Moreover, it is free from any kind of chemical that can be harmful to the baby. Last but not least, it is also very comfortable. Hence, your baby will enjoy every moment when it is diaper changing time. It is also very durable and can fit on most of the standard pads on the market.

  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Fully encased, premium elastic along the entire bottom edge
  • Keeps changing pad covers safely in place

Munchkin Waterproof Changing Pad

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Pee can sometimes spill when the baby is being changed and the hassle of dealing with a bad smell is not the best for mothers. This one is designed to ensure that your changing pads remain extra safe for the baby. It is made from polyester material that is 100% waterproof meaning it will even provide extra protection to the changing pad cover. You will thank us later when you get yourself one of these.

  • Liner helps with messy changes, providing extra protection
  • Ideal for use on changing pads
  • Liner has PVC free water proof backing
  • Machine washable

Boppy Changing Pad Liner

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Every parent will want a cover that will be easy to wash and therefore, this particular one has become a favorite for many parents. It has an absorbent terry cloth that will protect from the pad from constantly getting dirty. You would want to spend more time bonding with the child and not changing and washing their dirty linen. If you go for this one, you will save yourself the time.

  • Protective waterproof liner for easy washing
  • Waterproof liner ideal for changing pad covers

LA 4-Sided Changing Pad Cover

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When changing nappy the baby slipping and gridding in the pad is not the best thing for you because sometimes this becomes messy and soils the changing pad. You should, therefore, get yourself this four-sided cover that ensures maximum coverage and comfort for the baby from the cold of a bare changing pad. They come in different sizes, ensure that you get your size right. The material used is baby-friendly.

  • Non-skid bottom that prevents pad from sliding while changing baby
  • Waterproof, anti-microbial, phthalate free, non-toxic, non-allergenic, stain resistant
  • Easy to keep clean with mild soap and water
  • Safety harness for baby with a quick release buckle

Ely’s and Co. Changing Pad

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The manufactures of these covers made them with the mother and the baby in mind. They have been made with very soft material that is comfortable for the baby. The material is also very safe free from irritation on the baby’s skin. They are made from jersey cotton fabric and the waistband is elastic for flexibility and safety. You do not have to worry whether your kid is a boy or a girl because it is unisex in design. Finally, the covers are 100% cotton.

  • Waterproof: changing pad cover
  • Unisex and comfortable
  • Soft Material: 100% high quality Jersey Knit cotton
  • Easy to clean: Machine washable, lightweight fabric
  • Superior Safety: Tight elastic band, doubly reinforced for durability and safety with TPU waterproof lining

Trend Lab Changing Cover

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Having different user preferences in mind, these covers come in different colors and designs that suit most users. They will ensure that your child feels comfortable and protects them from dirt when they are having their smelly diaper changed. They are fully elasticized and are made of 100% cotton which is very soft and comfortable. You and your baby will feel trendy when you use these covers.

  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Soft printed cotton cover is fully elasticized
  • Cover fits standard sized changing pads

Stretchy Changing Pad

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Finally, we close our review with the stretchy changing pad that has been designed with very soft 100% cotton material that is very lightweight. It comes in different sizes so you do not have to worry that you will not get one that matches the size of your changing pad. It is comfortable for the baby because the material is free of toxic chemicals.

  • Elastic bottom and the buckle strap holes that accommodate the safety straps
  • Stain resistant topper can be cleaned easily
  • Soft material
  • Machine washable

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We believe that by now, you have an idea of what a changing pad cover is if you did not know and also you know what to look for in a changing pad cover when you are buying one. All these are best depending on you, but for our listing purpose, we assigned them numbers.